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February 17, 2010
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Shit Happens Chapter 1 by Kannami Shit Happens Chapter 1 by Kannami
Art by me :iconshampuu: its crappy but whatever! lolz Now on to the fanfiction! 8D thoughts will be in parentheses.

This piece is also available on a hoody! Click this link to see/buy one ------> [link]

Cover Page:[link]
Next Chapter:[link]

Shit Happens When You Party Naked


Chapter One: Fire of Flesh

Kakashi opened the bar door and scanned the room. He located the person he was looking for and trotted over to her side. "The cherry blossoms look nice this year, don't you think?" the silver-haired jounin pulled up a seat and plopped himself down next to the violet haired kunoichi. Anko gave him a quick smile then threw back her sake and poured herself another.

" I suppose, didn't really stop to admire them." Her eyes dropped as she wrapped her slender fingers around the half-empty sake bottle. Kakashi waived down the bartender.

"I'll have what she's having." The bartender gave him a quick nod and begin preparing his sake. Kakashi smirked beneath his mask."Why not? It's what this festival's all about!" The special jounin slouched forward in her seat.

"You have to stop and enjoy all the little things, get lost on the road of life sometimes, Anko." she released a slight chuckle and let her facial expression rise just a little bit.

"Not everyone is as irresponsible as you." she grinned."Besides, I just got back from a mission! All I can think about is drinking!" Just to prove her point, She finished statement by throwing back yet another glass."You got some catching up to do!" The elite jounin rose his eyebrow at her and swiftly poured himself a glass raising it up in front of her nose, taking her challenge. Her brown eyes ran over the rim of the sake glass and over his large masculine hand.

"Well, here's to the successful mission!" Anko giggled and rose her glass tapping his with hers.

"Cheers!" In Unison they brought the shot glasses to their lips, polishing off the last of the sake. Anko finished hers first and slammed it back down on the table."So what are you doing here all by yourself tonight Mr. Kakashi?" He grinned beneath his mask and winked his only visible eye.

"Why, I am enjoying the great festival with my good friend!" Anko chuckled. Kakashi flagged down the bartender, ordering another round of drinks. The special jounin shrugged off her usual beige trench coat, letting it fall onto the back of her chair. The silver-haired jounin poured them both another shot while glancing over Anko's curves. She gave him a friendly slap.

"Knock that off! I can see you staring at me." Kakashi shrugged.

"Can't help it, I am a man and I have eyes!" Anko laughed as a drunken blush covered her cheeks." Besides, how do you get in and out next chain-mesh every day? I don't see any seams!" The kunoichi snorted up sake and pointed a finger at him as she slumped over the counter, putting all of her weight on her already unstable shoulder.

"Wouldn't you like to know!" She teased squinting her eyes so she'd see him clearly. " I'll tell you what, I'll tell you anything you wanna know if you let me see what's under your mask." The jounin quickly finished off the remainder of his sake and leaned back in his chair.

"Nothing is worth that! I like to be mysterious!" He grabbed onto the bar to stable himself from the world spinning around him. Anko's frown morphed into a grin once more. Kakashi shook his finger at her." I don't know what you're thinking and I don't like it." His words slurred together." No one sees what is under the mask!"

"We'll see about that!" The kunoichi jumped out of her chair with speed faster than light into his lap, grabbing at his mask. His chair fell backward breaking on the bar floor. Kakashi wrapped his fingers around her hands before she could peel off the offending object." Awww! Come on just a peak!" She continued wrestling with him all over the floor, avoiding bits of the splintered chair.

"No!" The jounin managed to subdue the drunken kunoichi by pinning her to the ground. His face was so close she could feel his hot breath seeping through his mask. A fire began building up inside of her till she couldn't take it anymore. It buzzed through her chest, her stomach and down her inner thighs. The violet haired kunoichi grabbed the back of his neck and used her weight to flip him on his back. Kakashi grunted as she planted a direct kiss through his mask on to his lips. His already intoxicated mind melted even further, lost into the heat of the moment. Anko pressed her soft lips harder against his and bit down on the mask, ripping it clean off his face. Kakashi was broken from the moment of fire and instantly covered his face with his hand." Oh! That is so cheating!" He reached out his hand wantonly." OK, enough! Give it back." Anko grinned like a wildcat, still holding his mask between her teeth.

"Nope!" She stood up, failed, and fell back over. The jounin crawled over and used his body weight to hold her down. He removed his hand from his face so he could keep her arms from moving. Anko rose her brows." So that's what you look like! Not bad!" He then bit onto her ear, letting his breath trace down the side of her neck. Anko moaned releasing his mask from her teeth. The fire started to build yet again and she began wriggling around beneath him. Kakashi moved his lips to hover over hers.

"Now that you've seen my secret, you Gotta show me yours!" His face began to meld together with hers as their lips met once again. The kunoichi crushed her hips into his thigh feeling him grow hard against her. Anko's face flushed as a thin smirk covered her lips.

"Well I can't show you here!" Kakashi's smile spread as his desires danced through his mind. Anko's brown eyes told him she was thinking the same thing.

"I know just the place!"
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cute ^^
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I love you're fic! it's so cool n.n
well i want to know if you let me translate it for publication on a website, of course I'll give credits ... I hope your answer and if you let me I'm gonna tell you when I upload the chapter to check the credits

God work! XOXOXO!

sorry for my english T_T
Oukah Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
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this is awesomeee!! i love it.. r u gonna write more or hav you already written more on this fanfic♥
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Tchubarubaba Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010
Heeeey, Kannami-chan! I'm just passing here to say that I read your whole fic! And I loved it!

And also to say that I painted that picture above. It wasnt as good as the first but, anyway, consider as a gift. :D~

Kannami Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010
Oh wow thank you so much! I can't wait to see it! X3 I am so happy you have enjoyed my fanfic so far! ^^ ty for supporting it! I am really happy!
Tchubarubaba Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010
I put in my galery... Take a look!
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well i already read this so i'll just comment about the drawing , which btw looks AWESOME , that's sooooo how i would imagine them :D
oh and i just noticed that you joined the kakaanko group YAY , i wanted to tell you to join earlier but hey you joined anyways , awesome , welcome to the group allow me to be your first group-mate :D
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